Talk: Balayya & Mahesh Same to SameBoth Nandamuri Balakrishna and Mahesh Babu are big stars in their own way. But one thing that is common in their life is the social service they are doing for the poor for a long time now.

After the death of his mother, Basavatarakam, Balayya, and his family established the cancer hospital in Hyderabad and saved a number of lives. They are doing this service for free and have won a lot of hearts.

The same is the case with Mahesh as well. After his son, Gautam, was born six weeks early, Mahesh and his family decided that no other kid should suffer from health issues and started working with several hospitals in the last few years.

In collaboration with a few corporate hospitals, Mahesh has supported over 1000 heart operations for kids which is a great gesture. In this way, both Mahesh and Balayya are doing their bit and giving it back to society.

When a few stars who earn a lot of money are silent investing for themselves, here are two stars who stand out and do their bit. But these stars do not speak about this aspect much and keep such social service to themselves.

This aspect was also discussed in the Unstoppable show where Mahesh revealed why he started helping the kids and on many occasions, Balayya has spoken about the service his cancer hospital has been indulged in.