Director - Prasanth VarmaBollywood movie ‘Queen’ registered a big success as a female-oriented movie and since then, the makers from South have been keen on remaking the movie in South Indian languages. However, the remake kept postponing for various reasons.

Now, talented young director Prashanth Varma has replaced Neelakanta to direct the Telugu remake version. To be frank, we have seen how many of the remakes failed when they remade into different languages as they couldn’t cater to the tastes of the regional audiences and also because of nativity issues.

There is one more issue with regard to the subject of the movie. Such concepts may work in Bollywood and hence, the big question is if they can work here, really. It’s surprising to see a talented young director like Prashanth Varma to take up the Telugu remake of ‘Queen’. He is fresh from ‘Awe‘ that was made with an out-of-the-box concept. After an experimental film like ‘Awe’, why is the young guy trying a remake that has fewer chances to impress?