Talented Actor Making Diverse ChoicesSatya Dev is regarded as one of the talented actors in Telugu cinema. He has been picking up diverse subjects right from the start of his career. His upcoming works include Thimmarasu, Godse, Gurthunda Seethakalam and Skylab. No two of his upcoming films are alike and all of them belong to contrasting genres.

On Sunday, Satya Dev unveiled the first look poster of his upcoming outing, Skylab. The poster catches the attention right at first glance and it implies that the film is a sci-fi thriller. Satya Dev, Nithya Menen and Rahul Ramakrishna are seen riding a dismantling space shuttle in the poster, which justifies the title – Skylab.

Skylab looks to be another one of Satya Dev’s diverse choices and sure does appear to be a promising one. The film is directed by newcomer Vishvak Khanderao.

Picking up peculiar and new-age subjects is the way to go in Tollywood now and Satya Dev seems to be acing the strategy. He is hitting a few roadblocks in the process as a fair few of recent films namely Guvva Gorinka, 47 Days, and others have failed to attract the audience. But he is continuing to pick intriguing and fresh subjects.