Taapsee Waiting for Her Deceased Mom to Comeback!The title looks a bit confusing, doesn’t it? We are referring not to Taapsee’s real mother but the onscreen mother in the actress’ upcoming comedy-horror movie in Telugu. After a gap of 3 years, Taapsee has signed a straight Telugu movie besides Rana’s ‘Ghazi’, a trilingual.

Taapsee is playing the protagonist in the movie to be helmed by Mahi V Raghav of ‘Paathshala’ fame. According to the actress, she is playing the hero in the film in which she will be waiting for the comeback of her mother. She liked the idea and immediately agreed to do it when the role came back to her the second time.

The first time, the actress had date problems to accept it and so Mahi went to other A-listers who turned down the offer. Director Mahi says it’s a different movie in the horror genre, totally away from the regular Tollywood’s horror comedies. Here people aren’t afraid of the ghost, but the ghost is afraid of meeting people.