David Dhawan’s Dhawant Chashme Badoor a remake of the last year’s hit film directed by Sai Paranjpye is soon to be released. Talking about the film in interviews and media appearances, the sole heroine of the film, Taapsee seems thrilled with the appreciation of being chased by the three heroes of the film. On the same subject, Taapsee has lots to say about the Pakistani origin actor, Ali Zafar who according to her is a quiet guy and apparently it took some effort to break the ice between them. Rumours has it that Taapsee has an intimate scene with the actor in the new film.

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As for Taapsee’s carees, she feels that it is on the right path. But if she ever runs out of good roles to play, Taapsee would consider quitting the acting profession. However, as for now, she is very satisfied and things couldn’t be better for her.