Taapsee-PannuTaapsee Pannu is known for her reckless interviews apart from her film and performance. The actress has now revealed something about her numerology influenced name and how her name is actually spelled as given by her parents.

Taapsee Pannu is the name that the actress herself adjusted it to but her father gave her name the spelling of T-A-P-A-S-E-E Pannu. It is how her name is written on her passport and in her school records, which her teachers used to feel difficult to figure out how to pronounce while taking the attendance.

Her father did this to her name which was supposed to be Tapsi as her name should have two additional letters, one A and one S. So he made it Tapasee which the actress shuffled to make it look less weird for the films.

Actors and numerology go hand in hand in all the film industries and Taapsee is not the only example. Anyway, on the work front, the actress who had the game over for her last release Game Over has a handful of projects with Mission Mangal of Akshay to come next.