Sye Raa Suffers the Same Issue – Critic

Critic Baradwaj Rangan -Sye Raa-Narasimha-ReddySye Raa‘ is a proper patriotic drama of an Indian patriot who fought against the tyrannical British rule. However, did we see the obvious problem with all the movies made on freedom fighters? No, we didn’t.

Known critic Baradwaj Rangan rightly explains the biggest problem with the movies that are made on freedom fighters. He observed that they all look the same beyond a point. Like many movies that have the patriotic angle, ‘Sye Raa’ suffers the same issue.

According to the critic, if we are going to continue to make movies about the Indians who fought against the British, it’s best to make a mini-series to differentiate from one and another said the critic who doesn’t agree with the opinion that the movie was loud and thrown in the face.

When we compress the story to make a movie of two and a half hours of oppression that the arc is cliche as the British are bad and poor beings who suffered oppression. The arc is overplayed right now and every movie looks the same.

We agree no less with the critic as these characters when played by superstars could have no vulnerabilities and flaws because of their larger than life presence and hence, all the things add up the sameness.

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