‘Sye Raa’ Drama Almost Three Hours!

'Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy' Drama Almost Three Hours! The duration of ‘Sye Raa’ is almost 171 minutes long and this is almost three hours. Yes, this durations seems quite a lengthy one. With the commercials and the interval break, it would be a lengthy movie indeed to watch. The movie has fewer songs than any regular Telugu Cinema.

To sit through 3 hours of watching a movie will be possible only when the makers had something that can arrest the audiences’ attention span with the narration. The screenplay of the movie is going to be crucial in deciding how this lengthy run time will work after the movie comes out.

The director of the movie, Surender Reddy was confident that this long run time with the climax scene extending for half-an-hour in ‘Sye Raa‘. He says it was so arresting that he never felt like getting up while watching.

Well, he is the director and he must have that confidence in the product he is delivering. If ‘Sye Raa’ turns out to be an engaging watch, the lengthy run-time wouldn’t be a problem, though. Let’s see as the movie coming very soon to the theatres, near us.

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