swetha-basu-prasad-caseActress Swetha Basu for all that has happened in the last few months would not be that easily forgotten by the Telugu movie lovers. There is a version of the happenings that they would have permanently stored in their mind based on the media reports.

However when the same question was asked to the actress she had a whole new different angle to tell which is sure to add new dimension to the thinking and mindset of the Telugu movie lovers. The actress says that everything that appeared in the media after she was taken to rehabilitation centre is a lie. She never confessed anything, she never talked with any media personnel and everything that came in the media about her acceptance, is nothing but lies. She claims herself to be victim of situation and blames media for distortion of facts.

She is back with her family after two months stay in rescue home. She says that life for her will resume from where it paused two months ago and nothing has changed. Do you agree?