Sweet Surprise Or Routine As Usual For Pawan Kalyan?Today is the 78th day since Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has been seen in public. Politically, it is a big issue, as we previously mentioned, but it has raised massive curiosity when it comes to the movies. As Powerstar is finally gearing up to join the shoot soon; his ‘look’ is turning out to be a huge surprise factor and talking point.

The shooting of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film PSPKRana rumoured to be titled Parasuram Krishnamurthy, is set to resume from the second week of July. Pawan Kalyan and Daggubati Rana will join the shoot.

The commencement of the shoot will be the first visible appearance of Pawan Kalyan in over two months. His last known image was on a hospital bed when the reports of him testing positive for corona came out. Since then, he has been in hibernation. A pic with his son came out in between, but it turned out to be an old one.

The online space is filled with multiple buzzes related to the latest look of Pawan Kalyan. The yet to start PSPK28 is also a reason for it. Many already believe it will be an entirely new Pawan Kalyan coming out.

Well, we will know the truth related to the looks only when Pawan Kalyan comes out. But, don’t be too shocked if it all turns out to be mere hype and we see a routine and regular looking star. It has happened in the past. Since the day is not far away, watch out for this space.