Director Madhura Sreedhar, the up and coming director seems to be on a one man quest to change the face of Tollywood, giving the viewers something new to munch instead of the same old recipes.

Unfortunately for him though, the production of his movie’123’ came to an unexpected hilt, when Sreedhar had to know that ‘Colors’ Swathi, one of the leading ladies of the film had to opt out. The 22-year old Malayalam actress Archana Kavi plays the other lead in Sreedhar’s film ‘123’ (1-life 2-loves and 3-hearts).

When approached about the situation, Sreedhar defused it by saying that “Unfortunately Swathi couldn’t allocate dates to the film as she is going through a tight schedule. However, I don’t need her presence for time being as I would be shooting scenes with Mahat Raghavendra and Archana Kavi”.

The film’s shooting started on Thursday, and although Sreedhar is not on the lookout for a replacement, he is indeed very keen on focusing on his project and leaving it all to luck.