Three Hits On A Trot: Biggest PositiveSita Ramam is headed for release on the 5th of August and the team is actively promoting the film. The film is getting simultaneous release in Tamil and Malayalam as well.

Coming to the topic, there is one major factor that is leading to a hint of positivity on Sita Ramam and that is the track record of Swapna Cinemas.

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Swapna Cinemas’ previous films include Evade Subrahmanyam, Mahanati, and Jathi Ratnalu. Their track record will stand as the biggest asset of Sita Ramam. The industry also believes that Swapna Cinemas are coming up with another content-backed film in Sita Ramam.

The trailer of the film was sharp and there is a layer of positive pre-release buzz surrounding Sita Ramam. The team toured Vijayawada and Vizag recently and the public turnout was huge, almost on par with star heroes.

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With a round of aggressive promotions, the film can attract the class audience. Moreover, there haven’t been too many new releases that cater to the A center audience and that will help Sita Ramam, which promises to be an aesthetically presented love drama.

Despite the clash with Bimbisara on 5th August, team Sita Ramam looks confident as these two films have their own target audience and there’s no direct clash.

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