Sushant Singh Helps In Bringing Uday Kiran's Movie Out Strange is the way things work in the movie industry. The two actors Uday Kiran and Sushant Singh Rajput, are connected in no way except their untimely death. It is this connection that is helping in the resurrection of a long-delayed and forgotten movie of Uday Kiran.

Remember the movie, Chitram Cheppina Katha? Don’t worry if you don’t; no one remembers it at this point in time. However, back when it was announced, it was supposed to revive the fortunes of Uday Kiran. Hence the title which is linked to his trendsetting blockbuster debut Chitram.

Unfortunately, like many other movies featuring Uday Kiran in the lead during his disastrous phase, Chitram Cheppina Katha too faced many financial issues. A few of those got the release, but this didn’t arrive theatrically.

Now, after many years, Chitram Cheppina Katha has found the attention of OTT players. The recent suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has revived the memories of Uday Kiran. The digital platforms sense an opportunity here and are looking to grab the rights of the movie.

The problem here is the rights offered could still prove to be of no use to the makers in their recovery. But, something is better than nothing, and it could make them agree to the offer. If that happens, Chitram Cheppina Katha might see the light after all these years.