Baahubali-Gujarati-RemakeTelugu epic outcome Baahubali which turned heads over the globes for its making and the collections, has an irreplaceable place in the hearts of audience. It was just not a film, but some magic that connected a wide range of audience all over the world. Now can one really recreate that magic?

As confirmed officially, these guys are going for the remake of Baahubali in Gujarati. The filmmakers and famous YouTubers Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani are attempting the most tedious task, to remake the magnum opus in their language.

Here it is just not a question of the remake, it is the question of a small industry of Indian cinema are trying to attempt to remake a gigantic film like Baahubali which is in fact, India’s biggest blockbuster.

That is really surprising to see Nitin and Tarun to taking this courageous decision to give the Baahubali essence to their people in Gujarati flavor. Asked if they are aware of how big they are attempting, the duo said there is no fun in life without risk and they are doing this for their people. Well, it is indeed the biggest risk that they could have ever taken. Let’s see what are they capable of doing.