Kshanam, Kshanam Director Gudachari Movie, Kshanam Director Ravikanth Perepu Gudachari Movie, Ravikanth Perepu Gudachari MovieAfter the surprising success of Kshanam at box-office, actor Adivi Shesh and director Ravikanth Perepu didn’t announce their next projects. The hit combination is going to be back once again for their next film ‘Gudachari’.

So, the young director who got a backing from big producer PVP for ‘Kshanam’ isn’t in a mood to move on to do films with others. His next ‘Gudachari’ will have the entire team of ‘Kshanam’ working for it. Even the heroine, Adah Sharma will be working for his second movie.

Like ‘Kshanam’, even ‘Gudachari’ is going to be a thriller which is going to be produced by noted production house Abhishek Pictures. So, Ravikanth isn’t in a mood to change the genre even. The combination is really promising as it delivered a surprise hit film already.