Chiranjeevi-Targets-YSRCPThere was one very interesting incident at the pre-release event of Godfather yesterday. Megastar Chiranjeevi shifted in political mode all of a sudden and started taking potshots at the YCP government.

“You people are looting public money through road contracts, cement contracts, water contracts, and liquor contracts. From today on, I will be your GodFather. I will be in command of your lives. From here on, your only focus should be on rightful governance and staying away from misdeeds,” Chiru said at the event.

This statement has an overwhelming reference to the current scenario in Andhra Pradesh. These are the allegations that TDP makes almost on a daily basis against the YCP government over its unruly contracts.

But despite the powerful dialogue from Chiranjeevi, which many netizens say, is evidently targeted at the YCP top brass, it hasn’t garnered much impact.

“Had some other mainstream hero said this dialogue standing in AP, like the way Chiru did in Anantapur yesterday, it would’ve sparked hours and hours of TV debates as it reflects the current political mood.”

“But now, Chiru’s statement is only being hyped by a section of mega fans. No one else is too interested. That is because of the pro-Jagan stand Chiru had taken in the recent past. He became soft. So, there’s no impact for the dialogue. People are seeing it only as a film dialogue,” a netizen commented.

Many netizens, mostly mega fans, are saying this is the stance of Pawan Kalyan in AP but on the ground level, this statement from Chiru is not too impactful, given his proximity with Jagan recently. This is the common opinion on social media now.