Varudu Kaavalenu - Naga Shaurya - Ritu Varma-NAga VamshiSo everywhere who has seen the trailer of Varudu Kavalenu and formed an opinion, here is sweet, surprising news. The producer of the film Suryadevara Naga Vamsi has revealed a juicy bit of info.

According to Naga Vamsi, the trailer of Varudu Kavalenu has been cut explicitly, focusing on the family audience segment. But, there is a block, the producer says, which has been omitted in the promos. It will take the audience by surprise. and connect big time with the youth, he hinted.

The block will come in the second half and take the graph to the next level. It will add a wholesome appeal to Varudu Kavalenu, making every segment happy.

Naga Shaurya says that Varudu Kavalenu is an extremely classy movie. If anyone pauses the film at any point and capture the frame, it will ooze classiness, says the actor. He credits the makers and the technical team for brilliant output. He said with tongue firmly in cheek that the script was blockbuster and that he believed it would take extraordinary hard work to bring it down.

Lakshmi Sowjanya directs Varudu Kavalenu. Ritu Varma is paired opposite Naga Shaurya in the youthful family entertainer. Varudu Kavalenu, produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi releases grandly on October 29th all over.