Suriya Aatreya 24 movieSuriya’s ’24’ certainly got that extra hype to the movie through promos and the three roles Suriya is playing have really become very interesting for the audiences. But Suriya says he originally rejected the ‘Aatreya’ character, the role which really gave that pep in the promos.

But it was director Vikram Kumar who convinced Suriya to do the character and said that if Suriya doesn’t essay the role of ‘Aatreya’, there is no point at all in making the movie without Suriya in that role. It’s very important for the narrative and we believe it by virtue of the trailer and teasers.

The three roles Suriya is playing are quite different and Aatreya character speaks like poetry while other two roles too have their uniqueness. That can be clearly seen in the promo videos and Vikram Kumar’s adeptness at handling multiple facets of characters is well known.