Suriya Singam Sequel S-3, Suriya Singam Sequel S-3 Hindi, Suriya Singam Sequel S-3 Hindi Dubbing, Suriya Singam Sequel S-3 Hindi Dubbing RightsUnlike ‘Krish’ and ‘Dhoom’ series in Bollywood, the ‘Singam’ series went to Bollywood from South. The first instalment of ‘Singam’ was remade in Hindi with Ajay Devagan. Though a sequel was also made with Ajay Devgan as ‘Singam Returns’, it’s not the remake from Suriya’s Singam sequel.

Now, audiences are awaiting the third instalment of Singam (S-3). This movie is going to go directly to Bollywood as a dubbing movie which would be released simultaneously in Hindi with the original Tamil version and Telugu dubbed version. So, a remake will be out of question for Devgan. He has to search for a fresh story.

Coming to the business of the Hindi version of S-3, it was sold out for a whopping Rs. 8 crores for the dubbing and satellite rights. The film is still in the making. The makers are planning for a Malaysian schedule and waiting for permissions. It’s amazing to see the business the film is commanding when the shooting is still pending.