Suriya's-Mess,-NGK-Director-Calls-It-'Secret-Layers'Suriya’s latest release NGK opened to mixed talk from all over and the director has been facing the music of the netizens for making the movie a total mess, literally bringing down Suriya’s graph further.

Looks like, Selvaraghavan is acting like the Roman Emperor Nero who was unpopular for playing a fiddle while the Rome was burning turning blind eye to the reality.

Here, Selva is playing the fiddle called social media post thanking the audiences and claiming that NGK is doing super well. Is he the modern Nero playing his fiddle while his film is burning with negative word of mouth?

According to him, there are many secrets and hidden layers in NGK that can be noted when one watches the movie closely. Contrary to his opinion, anti-fans are making merry on Social media in the firm of trolls and memes.