surya movie postponed for jyothikaSuriya being the doted husband that he is making room for his wife by moving out his film. The star has pushed the release of his film Masss by two weeks to accommodate the release of his wife’s film.

36 Vayadhinile marks the return of Jyothika to acting after a very long gap and the film has now taken up the date that was previously locked for Masss. Remake of a hugely successful Malayalam film How Old Are You, the Jyothika starrer is produced by hubby Suriya himself.

It could also be seen as clever ploy by Suriya whose initial announcement of May 15 release meant no other film released that day fearing the competition. Now with it moving out the Jyothika starrer gets to take advantage of the open ground or at least face least competition as opposed to finding it hard to get good amount of screens due to multiple releases.