surya praises Vamsi PaidipallyNow Vamsi Paidipally’s ‘Oopiri’ is the talk of the town for the way it is adapted so beautifully to suit the sensibilities of our native audiences. The director got the goosebumps kind of praises from none other Karthi’s brother Suriya, who felt sure that family audiences would like it big way.

The director could not only adapt the story directly, he tried at many things which are first. This is Karthi’s first straight Telugu film. And this is the first time he had dubbed for a Telugu film in his own voice. Though Suriya is more popular among Telugu audiences, he never tried dubbing in his own voice for Telugu audiences.

Suriya’s fear of committing mistakes has been the main thing behind the star not comfortable to dub in Telugu. His brother is more self conscious says Karthi. Even during the public events, Suriya never seemed comfortable talking in Telugu as far as we have seen him on stage. But Karthi manages well with whatever Telugu he can speak.