Suriya finds an eyewitness in slapping issueIt has been an eventful day for actor Suriya on 31st May. A case was slapped on Suriya by a young guy. The entire thing started when Suriya got down his car to intervene into a brawl between two youngsters and an old lady.

Going into the details, Suriya was said to have stopped two young boys who were allegedly harassing an old woman. After sending the woman away, Suriya left the place but left his assistants to talk to the police. But one of the boys involved in the brawl went and filed a complaint on Suriya.

The boy who had a different version to tell about the entire thing, alleged that Suriya slapped him and his friend without listening to their version of what had happened. The entire episode painted a picture as if Suriya overreacted on the situation.

The old lady in discussion, Pushpa Krishnaswamy has come to the rescue of Suriya. She posted the details about the incident on her Twitter wall on how Suriya came to rescue her when she was stalked by the two young boys, threatening her to break her car window’s glass and preventing her from entering her car. Suriya is left feeling grateful for her revelation of the fact.