If there is one thing that fans of stars in general worry more about it is the length of the film. The more the length of the film, the more difficult it becomes for the film to be that big a success. The reason is simple with a short film even an average film sometimes feels passable but with a lengthy film the same average film gives a negative response. And this is the dilemma the fans are in currently as its revealed that Anjaan starring their favorite actor has a run time of nearly three hours.

It is now imperative that the makers deliver with such a length. Some of the recent biggies which were so lengthy turned out to be duds at the box office. Also with the audio too not being as big a success as they had expected, the fans are a worried lot as the release date of the film is approaching near. Anjaan is directed by Lingusamy and has Samantha in the female lead. The film has been censored recently and got a clean U certificate from the board. Anjaan along with its Telugu version Sikindar releases worldwide on August 15.