SuriyaThe fan is only a crazy word and the things that they do out of craze for their hero are surprising, stupid and inspirational. Now you decide how do you call this what the fans of Suriya did on their favorite star hero’s birthday.

Fans making merry at the theaters during the releases by setting up huge cut outs, pouring milk on the imitations of the hero giving them the place of God, donating blood on hero’s birthdays are quite common in our country. Being part of such craziness and yet to stand distinct of all, Suriya fans tried something new this time for his birthday.

The fans decided to gift gold rings to newborn babies to celebrate their star’s birthday and make it a memorable one to the hero. Calling it a welfare day, the fans gifted the rings to 10 newborns according to the buzz. We would like to know how impressed Suriya is with the sweet gesture of his fans on his birthday.