Suriya-Cried-on-Stage-and-Held-Her-ShouldersMany of us know that Suriya has been into social service activities with his Agaram Foundation providing educational facilities to the poor people who can’t afford to complete their education and go for higher studies.

Recently, at an event held on the occasion of the book launch event of the foundation, a young girl named Gayathri shared her experiences with tears flowing down her cheeks when she was narrating how she could pursue her education with the help of the foundation.

Suriya was seen breaking into tears when the girl was speaking, he got up from his place, went up to the girl who was speaking at the podium and held her shoulders showing his concern and pain for what the girl had to go through for her education.

Gayathri’s father died of cancer and her mother is daily labour. The hero’s fans are proud about this moment and the video showing Suriya crying for the girl is going viral on the social media platforms.