Karthi,-Suriya---Kadai-Kutty-SingamWhile Suriya is still in the nostalgia of revisiting his childhood memories watching the Rekla race, he didn’t realize that he was attracting a dispute to the film that he is producing and to Karthi who is the lead of the film.

Karthi’s upcoming film Kadai Kutty Singam apparently had a bullock cart racing scene whose video Suriya shared from the shooting location. The problem is that Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) alleges that the filmmakers have not taken the required permission to conduct the race to use in the film and would file an official complaint against them in case the guilt is proved.

The Rekla race was banned by Tamilnadu government to revoke the traditions involving cruelty of animals. However, the makers state that they have taken the necessary permissions to go ahead with the race. Well, we do not know who is lying here. Let us wait for more updates.