Anjaan is the upcoming film of Tamil star Suriya which is carrying great hype right from its launch because of some first time combinations. It is the first time that actor Suriya is working with one of the top Tamil director’s Lingusamy and it’s also the first time that the actor is paired up with heroine Samantha. Owing to these combinations the film has been super hot from Day 1 and every little detail of the film is being looked with great anticipation.

It was thus a great disappointment for the fans when neither the first look nor the teaser trailer of the film were released on the Tamil New Year day earlier in the month as was said by the unit initially. The makers realizing the disappointment have decided to cheer up the fans this time by actually realizing the first look and they have chosen May Day to release them. They promise that there won’t be any postponements again and that the pictures are almost done and only waiting for the final touch ups’. So all you Suriya fans out there, the wait will finally come to an end in a few days time and its for real this time around.