Suresh Babu's Ambiguous Comment About Ramanaidu Vizag StudioFor the past one week or so, there are reports that the Andhra Pradesh government is trying to pressurize Tollywood Producer Suresh Babu to give up Ramanaidu Studios in Bheemili offering an alternative land elsewhere. The government wants to use the studio in prime lands for the executive capital purpose.

The studio was situated in Bheemili on 34.44 acres of land given by the Government during Chandrababu Naidu’s regime (2001). The government is feeling it a right to take over the studio since it is built on the land given by the government. Suresh Babu has responded to these reports for the first time.

“Work is in progress now. I can not comment on it at this stage. Ramanaidu will be there in Vizag. That’s all I can say for now,” a newspaper quoted him saying. This is an ambiguous statement because the government is offering alternate land in Vishakapatnam itself.

So, Ramanaidu studios will stay in Vishakapatnam either way. Suresh Babu is a shrewd businessman. He may consider the offer if it is rosy