Suresh Babu Should Grab This Netflix Opportunity?Ever since Rana fell sick, his career has slowed down a bit as he is not able to do multiple films off late. Some of his old films like Virata Parvam are yet to release in the first place.

The word is that a small portion is left to be shot but there is no update on this film whatsoever which is worrying fans on social media. Initially, the film was ready for a release last year but Covid changed things and it got postponed multiple times.

Now, there is a strong vibe that the film will go the OTT way. Suresh Babu is the producer of Virata Parvam and he released his last two films Narappa and Dirshyam 2 on OTT.

As Covid cases are on the rise, the OTT giants are luring producers by offering them big money. The same has been done for Virata Parvam as Netflix has made a good offer to Suresh Babu.

Sometime back, there was news that Suresh Babu already sold the film to Netflix but it turned out to be wrong as Rana wanted a big-screen release.

By the looks of it, Suresh Babu should not think twice and grab this offer as a film like Virata Parvam will find it difficult to find an audience at the theaters in these difficult times when the audience are thinking twice to go to the theaters.

With such an offer, the ball is in Suresh Babu’s court, and being a clever producer, he will surely go ahead and release the film on OTT. The fans are also thinking the same and as a film like Shyam Singha Roy has done so well on Netflix, they want this film also to be out on OTT.

Virata Parvam is directed by Venu Udugula and has the powerful Sai Pallavi as the heroine. The film is a period drama set in the Naxalite backdrop. Already, the songs have become good hits.