Aa Naluguru Producers, Aa Naluguru Producers Tollywood, Aa Naluguru Producers Controlling Tollywood, Aa Naluguru Producers Controlling Telugu Cinema Industry, Aa Naluguru Producers TFIIf you are a regular follower of Telugu cinema box office, chances are high that you might have heard the word “Aa Naluguru” related to distribution. There are four heads of Telugu cinema and they are considered the ultimate power in cinema distribution.

For those uninitiated one among them is Suresh Babu and this piece is to highlight how shrewd his business acumen is among the four. Suresh Babu, unlike the troika, has taken very hard decisions and put his money where there is hundred percent chance of recovery or the margin of profit is huge. Case in point Drushyam and Gopala Gopala which were made on very controlled budgets and earned big profits for his before release itself.

Even otherwise on smaller films, he puts his bets on the right products with minimum risk involved like Uyyala Jumpala for example. Now again he has put his clout behind Pellichoopulu which is getting good reviews. Will this be another money spinner for him? Let’s wait and watch.