Suresh Babu Keeps Silence On Vizag Studio!Very recently, TDP senior leader Ayyannapathrudu made a very interesting comment on RamaNaidu Studios in Vizag. He alleged that the chief minister YS Jagan forcefully wrote the Studios lands in Vizag on his name. He stated that Suresh Babu was pressurized into giving the lands to the state government.

These are pretty scathing allegations and one would expect the man himself, Suresh Babu to clarify the same. But that isn’t to be.

Despite the scathing allegations from the TDP senior, Suresh Babu hasn’t yet commented. Ever since the media asked him if the Andhra Pradesh government is actually troubling him with RamaNaidu Studios lands in Vizag, he had been staying away from the media.

Incidentally, even Venkatesh, who is taking part in the promotional interviews of Ori Devuda didn’t take any questions from the media.

The Daggubati clan appears to be trying their best to avert the questions on the Vizag lands.