Producer Suresh Babu Daggubati Blame Is ReasonableThere are reports surfacing about Suresh Babu’s displeasure over the music rendered by Mickey J Meyer. The music director was working from abroad and there was no way to personally discuss with him if they wanted any changes.

Given the premise of ‘Oh Baby‘ the second half of the movie needed a solid album, at least, one chartbuster kind of song to elevate the movie. If the music had been solid, ‘Oh Baby’ would have been a notch better.

Though Suresh Babu’s blame on Mickey J Meyer was reasonable, music is not the only weak link of the movie in the second half. There were several issues like half baked star musical contest and the love track.

Given the fresh plot of the movie, if the above things have been worked out, ‘Oh Baby’ would have fared better. However, the major blame must go to the music director who was not even available for an influential producer like Suresh Babu.