Time and again, once in a while a small producer raises his voice against the big producers in the Tollywood. This has become very common in the industry. One more small producer Chadalavada Srinivas came up with allegations on the four big producers. In an interview to a popular newspaper, this producer alleged that theatres are not available for the small films because of the ‘Big Four’ (Aa Naluguru). One can easily guess which four big names he is targetting.

Daggubati Suresh Babu of Suresh Productions rubbished the concept of ‘Aa Naluguru’ as baseless. Those people who say that the whole industry is in the ‘Big Four’ hands, will do the same when Cine Industry grows in Telangana even. So such people will emerge everywhere and point fingers at those who make it big in the industry. Suresh even opined that those people who have nothing else to do will come out with such allegations. This word war between small and big is something like a univeral conflict in society, not only in the film industry.