surender-reddy-never-considered-nagarjuna-for-dhruvaThose who have you watched ‘Dhruva‘ have no second thoughts on Aravind Swamy’s performance. We are sure there is only one word to tell about his performance and that is ‘outstanding’. Those who watched the original in Tamil ‘Thani Oruvan’, they too said the same.

Was Nagarjuna considered for playing Aravind Swamy’s role in the Telugu version as rumored? Director Surender Reddy gave clarity that they never even considered any other actor for the antagonist role in ‘Dhruva’. It was only Aravind Swamy from the beginning as there was no replacement for the actor who gave a memorable performance in both Tamil and Telugu versions.

Though no one can doubt Nag’s ability as a performer but casting him for Swamy’s role in Dhruva may not be a wise choice and that’s exactly what the director did and the result is here on the big screen.