Supriya---I'll-Continue-to-Be-the-Gate-Keeper-for-Nag-StudioAfter more than two decades, the Akkineni granddaughter made her comeback to the silver screen and we are herewith witnessing praises showering on her, for her performance in this Friday’s release ‘Goodachari‘. Yes, we are talking about Akkineni granddaughter Supriya who came back to films after 22 years.

It’s a sudden come back for her. The brief stint as a RAW officer in the film made an impact. Many failed to portray women in powerful roles but Adivi Sesh and his director had given Supriya to come back with a well-written brief role. Will she continue acting in films? The Akkineni scion’s reply was, “Yes.” But, only if she gets powerful roles like in ‘Goodachari’.

All said and done, Supriya is quite faithful to her grandfather, legendary ANR. She says that her main job will remain the same, like a gatekeeper to Annapurna Studios. Nagarjuna has entrusted the responsibility of the studio to Supriya and she has proven her mettle at handling Annapurna Studios.