PK is the upcoming film of Bollywood star Aamir Khan. Its first look was released recently and we all know the kind of controversy it has created. It was deemed obscene by many and this lead to petition being filed in the apex court regarding its banning.

Today the Supreme Court gave its verdict by declining the petitioner and said that if you don’t like the film then don’t see the film. If we honor you appeal then it will be taking away the freedom of other person. It made very clear about not bringing religious aspects into entertainment and added that the youth today is very smart and there is nothing that can be done in the internet age today to hide things from them. To cut things short, PK the film cannot be banned and no such pleas regarding the film will accepted.

Amidst all the controversy finally some good news for the team of PK. Meanwhile a new look for the film is going to be release on August 20. Let’s see what they are up to next.