Some celebrities like Jackie Chan may not be related to India, but the immense popularity he earned made him a known name throughout India. Many Bollwood celebrity names are anonymous to regional audience but Jackie Chan is a house hold name because children all over the world like his action flicks. Recently on 14th August, Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan and his friend Kai Ko have been detained for drug abuse. According to the police, the superstar’s son was caught with 100 grams of marijuana and his blood tests proved positive for the drug.

Jackie Chan, the action hero apologised for the wrong upbringing of his son and posted on his microblog, ‘Regarding this issue with my son Jaycee, I feel very angry and very shocked. As a public figure, I’m very ashamed. As a father, I’m heartbroken’. He feels that his son has to face the consequences of what he had done and he will stand by his son and face everything together. Since Jaycee Chan is accused of aiding drug pedlars, he probably might face 3 years of imprisonment. For a celebrity of Jackie Chan’s stature, his son’s drug abuse came as a major shocker.