Records are not new for Superstar Rajinikanth. But Twitter is new for Rajinikanth kind of records. The micr blogging site had seen 340k fan followers for the actor in less than a week of his joining. And the Superstar just had to make 3 tweets which each of them received thousands of retweets.The fans of the Superstar are excited to have him in the digital world. It is said that some of his fans who are not at all interested in social networking just created a profile in Twitter to follow him.

There thousands who continuously refresh their pages only to see if the Superstar had sent in another Tweet. Fluence, the celebrity digital network company is foreseeing his account. Fluence also maintains the social networking accounts of Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan. The company have also started a phone number 080 67006666 through which fans get Rajinikanth’s twitter messages directly in to their mobile phones.