Superstar's legal notice to blogger on false accusationsBollywood superstar Salman Khan’s 13-year old ‘hit and run’ case is everywhere in media since years. We discuss some hot news only for a period of time and then the shocking factor dies down and people lose interest by and by. But in Salman’s case, the hotness of the news is kept engaging since long with a new controversy emerging eventually.

There has been accusations on Salman Khan for threatening a blogger for an article he posted on his blog accusing Salman Khan for the murder of one man (Ravindra Patil) and injuring four others. To protect the public image of the actor, a legal notice was sent to the blogger who claims that it is a murder, when the allegations in the court case state that it is homicide.

The legal notice focussed on the defamatory comments made by the blogger on the actor holding him responsible for the murder of Ravindra Patil. The notice further claims that the articles published by the blogger are prejudiced and had willfully stated the allegations as facts which would in turn damage the reputation of the actor by and large.

This is also seen in the light of interfering in the course of law when a legal case in the court of justice and due proceedings are going on as per the arguments from both parties, submissions made by the accused and the witnesses submitted. Earlier many celebrities won legal cases on defamation and let’s see if Salman’s legal notice would also be to that impact.