SRK-mannatIt has been a few years since the residents around superstar Shahrukh Khan residence Mannat have been complaining about the ramp built illegally encroaching the land which belongs to Bombay Municipal Corporation. While the ramp is causing inconvenience to the residents, the superstar has been occasionally using it for parking his vanity vans.

One Ms.Poonam Mahajan has written a letter to the Bombay Municipal Corporation regarding the illegal construction in front of Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat. She asked the corporation to demolish the illegal ramp which is causing much annoyance to the people living in that area.

But it seems, since couple of years the superstar is having the last laugh regarding complaints on his ramp given to his superstar’s status. Will the Bombay Municipal Corporation respond atleast now? Will the illegal encroached construction be demolished? It is learnt that Ms.Mahajan didn’t get any response from BMC till date. Will she ever?