kriti sanon counter to radhika apteThe name Radhika Apte should ring instant bells in the readers mind thanks to her unsavoury comments on Telugu Film Industry and its acceptance and attitude towards heroine. She had painted the entire industry as regressive and patriarchal in nature.

Fortunately for TFI supporters there are others who have completely opposite view and have good words to say about the industry. Take Kriti Sanon for example, the actress who made debut opposite Superstar Mahesh Babu. She says she never got such feeling or treatment like an inferior. In fact she added that such feelings, if any, are universal and applicable to all film industries when it comes to the top tier of stars as they would naturally be given top priority.

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Kriti Sanon has surely said the right words but can it be taken with pinch of salt as a new film starring her is about to release. After all who would want to hurt people’s sensibility when your movie is up next for mandate from public?