Bollywood Baadhash Sharukh recently took a dig on Aamair’s PK nude poster and mockingly stated that posing naked would not be considered talent. Responding to Sharukh Aamir said “What happens to people who dig holes for others? I stay away from such digs.” In the past too Aamir wrote on his blog “Shah Rukh is licking my feet.” and when media asked he clarified he was referring to his dog named Shah Rukh. Though they act like pals in public they both never really known to be friends.

But Aamir’s case with Salman is different. During the promotions of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3’, Salman showed his friendship by donning the hat of Aamir Khan which he used in the film. Salman’s soft heartedness towards Aamir Khan is obvious. Aamir too has his share in the friendship. He promoted Salman’s ‘Jai Ho’ exclusively on his telly show.

Keeping aside all this, Aamir has a new challenge for Salman Khan to prove his friendship. Aamir posed nude for first poster of PK, only a tape recorder to hide his modesty. And Salman is very popular for his shirt off act. But Aamir asks Salman to drop his pants for their friendship. This is the test he is giving for Salman’s friendship. Though Aamir said this in lighter vein, it sounds silly to see big stars doing this.