Superstar Rajinikanth Touched Foot to Greet Him Only a couple of days ago did Kerala Youngster Pranav without arms has expressed his lifelong dream through a Tamil weekly magazine Ananda Vikatan to meet superstar Rajinikanth.

The superstar immediately made arrangements to see that the guy meets him in person at his Poes Garden in Chennai. As Pranav has no arms, Rajinikanth shook Pranav’s foot as a gesture of greeting and Pranav was happy to gift the superstar a picture he has drawn.

Though Pranav has no arms, he can do a lot of things with his legs including drawing. His recent selfie with the Kerala Chief Minister went viral and now, his 20-minute long meeting with the superstar has become the talk of the town.

People like Pranav actually show us how to live life like a king instead of whining over our shortcomings. He is differently-abled physically but the guy’s spirit must be lauded for everything he is now. What say?

Superstar Rajinikanth Touched Foot to Greet Him