I am beyond politics -Rajni

It was a big surprise for the police officers in Chennai when a thirty eight year old man arrived at the commissioner’s office to lodge a complaint none other than the actor commonly known as the Superstar Rajinikanth. The man who goes by the name P K Karuna is a native of Barugur near Krishnagiri. According to him, Rajinikanth cheated him when he did not keep his promise of getting his Aishwarya married to him. The man was questioned by a team of the Egmore police questioned him before he was let off with a stern warning.

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As for Karuna, he stated that he belongs to a village near Karuna. He had promised to fix the sets of the film when Aishwarya Rajnikanth was planning an animation movie. As a return, Rajinikanth had apparently promised to get his daughter married to me and as well as offered hima lead role in the film.