sunjay dutt arrest for 4 daysSome films become very special for the dialogue power and NTR’s ‘Temper’ definitely belongs to that category. There is one dialogue in ‘Temper’ which became an instant hit right from the release of trailers. The dialogue reads: “Jeevitham andari saradaalani teerchestadi. Evvarini vadaladu,” which literally means that life isn’t going to spare anyone the cane.

True. Coming to the point, Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt’s furloughs have been in controversies recently. The latest one is when he spent two days extra during his last furlough by the virtue of the confusion between prison authorities and Maharashtra Minister of State. Though he was given easy permissions previously to extend his furloughs, this time the Maharashtra government isn’t going to spare the rod.

It is decided that four more days would be added to his jail term for the self extended time spent outside jail. He might be a superstar who works on his own terms in films. But life didn’t spare him from imprisonment for his apparent involvement and procession of deadly weapons during the times of Mumbai blasts. And now, when he was continuously being favoured and granted furloughs, this extension of his jail term is a big lesson. What fun to spend four more days in jail! Life lessons indeed!