Mammootty Twitter Facebook Instagram Social MediaNot all the star heroes are social media friendly and have been maintaining social media accounts on the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Malayalam superstar Mammootty is one of them who is conspicuously absent on social media.

This absence on social media had created a different perception on the actor as if he is an arrogant man who doesn’t mingle with people much. During a recent interaction, one of Mammootty’s fans asked him to become a friendly person like his contemporary superstar Mohanlal.

The fan meant to say that Mammootty has an arrogant image outside because of his reserved nature. What did Mammootty say to this ‘on the face’ query? His instant reply came asking the audiences to change their mindset. Isn’t that response a clarity to tell us that the superstar isn’t interested in joining any social media in the near future?