Bollywood star and now an activist of his own, Aamir Khan lodged a police complaint in Mumbai on defamation charges. The actor who came to know about the malicious and troublesome information about him and his show Satyamev Jayate being shared and spread online immediately took the necessary steps to stop it in the initial stages itself.

Numerous messages in various online avenues have shared information that all the donation of Satyamev Jayate is being used for Masjid construction assistance and other such activities which picture Aamir Khan in a very communal way. As soon as the actor came to know about this he clarified in detail where the donations go and who uses it. The trust that is being referred to in the messages spread is different from the one where the actual donations go, although both have the same name, said the actor loud and clear for anyone to understand. He also said that the entire list of NGO’s can be checked on the official site of the show and that everything being done through the donations is for secular causes. One could clearly understand why the actor had to lodge the complain looking at the effort that has been put on stake by a little group of people with vested interests.