Superstar Krishna Refuses to Leave Naresh for Mahesh BabuIt’s a known thing that yesteryear superstar Krishna spent the major chunk of his life with his deceased second wife Vijaya Nirmala. After she passed away, the family members wanted Krishna to move to any one of his sons’ houses.

But, according to sources, the veteran has decided to stay back with Vijaya Nirmala’s son, senior actor Naresh. Though Mahesh and his brother Ramesh requested their father to move to their house, Krishna wanted to stay back.

So, his sons respected his decision but the family members are paying regular visits to Krishna. It’s not only senior actor Naresh but his uncles also live in the same compound. So, Krishna is being well looked after.

Maybe, the yesteryear Superstar is nostalgic to leave the place where he lived along with Vijaya Nirmala but it’s good to see the family members respecting his decision.