He went to the extent of going totally nude except for a tape recoder to hide his modesty. So it is no surprise if he is found sporting girlie wear. Yes, the person in we are discussing is Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan. Some pictures of Aamir Khan from the sets of PK have been leaked in which we see him wearing long skirts which normally are considered girlie. This shows that his character in PK doesn’t have the sense of differences between the clothes of male and female.

According to the story leaked, Aamir Khan is playing an alien who comes to earth in search of God to save his species. His nude poster and Aamir wearing skirt is a part of his characterization who is naive to the ways of the people on earth. Anushka Sharma is playing a prostitute who eventually meets the alien. They together go in search of God in real context. Seems this movie is going to be another one in the lines of ‘Oh My God’ how quasi Godmen are using God for commercial purposes.